Cleanroom Equipment

Our cleanroom provides photolithography, PDMS work, metal deposition, and wet- and dry-etching.

This laboratory is supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation and QB3.

Spinner   Reactive Ion Etecher

Spinner, hot plates & ultrasonicator
Basic cleaning, coating, and baking of samples


Reactive Ion Etcher
Dry etching of samples:  CH4, SF6, O2 & Ar available

Solvent Wet Benches   Ebeam Evaporator

Acid and solvent wet benches
Wet etching and development/removal of resist


Electron beam evaporator
Deposition of metals and insulators on samples

Oxygen Plasma Cleaner   Inspection Microscope

Oxygen plasma cleaner
Cleaning of samples and PDMS bonding for soft lithography


Inspection microscope
High resolution optical inspection of samples

Mask Aligner   Ultraclean Oven

Mask Aligner
Alignment and exposure of photoresist coated samples


Ultraclean Oven
Highly controlled baking and curing of samples